Lilly Winwood at Chicago Theatre 2/22/18

Last month I reviewed Lilly Winwood’s debut EP, Silver Stage, which came out in Spring of 2017. It’s a good introduction to the sound, pop/folk crafted in Nashville. She’s been touring off and on for a couple years already and the practice proved to have paid off last night when she opened up the show at Chicago Theatre.

She didn’t shy away from chatting with the audience, joking that she was happy to be there opening for her old friend (father Steve Winwood of Blind Faith and Traffic). The crowd was really into her set, cheering loudly after every song. There were screams from audience members announcing their love for her throughout the set.

The band she’s assembled is really good, and they sounded as tight as any band I’ve seen. Klaus Luchs on the lap steel definitely stole the show a couple times with solos performed brilliantly. The other members didn’t get as many opportunities to shine, but played note perfect supporting parts.

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