Vamos-1 2 3

Vamos will be releasing their sophomore album 1 2 3 later this week with a show at Empty Bottle. The band has been waiting to release the record for a few months, so I’m sure they can’t wait to finally unleash this blistering set of tracks recorded at Ottoman Empire with Dan Rico last year. It’s a brash, aggressive album keeping in tone with their previous release, 2015’s Spiderbait.

The band plays punk music with undercurrents of power pop and nods to fuzzed-out guitar freaks like Dinosaur jr and Sonic Youth. The trio is never afraid to take a bold swing and most of the time it works in their favor. “Force Of Nature,” the 5 minute trash soul ballad that nearly doubles the length of a lot of the songs here, comes out of nowhere near the end of the album and changes the feel of the whole thing. It stands out because it sounds different, but like everything on 1 2 3 it’s performed with the sloppy precision of a band who knows exactly what they’re doing but doesn’t care if it’s not perfect.

The single they chose, “Outsiders,” is a hot one. If you’re looking for something to fill the void until the next FIDLAR record, look no further than this track. The guitar solo is slick and not overly flashy and the harmonies give the otherwise grimy track a brilliant luster that shines through like a beacon for your ears.