The Summervilles-All Is Lost

It had been a few years since I heard from my favorite Melbourne punks The Summervilles, so I was happy to receive an email last week letting me know they just released a new album. The last thing I listened to by them was Twelve Ways Yo Fuck Up Before Breakfast way back in the fall of 2013. They took their time with the new one, went through a lineup change, and came out the other end with a sharper, better-stated sound.

Recorded on their own in 2016, The Summervilles didn’t rush the process and the reward is an album that sounds much more polished than their previous LP. New bass player Tom Gillard fits right in, taking the place of Andrew Myers (Royal Headache). The attitude is much the same-loud and aggressive guitars, quick-hitting drums, and vocals you can scream along with if you choose. The ten tracks last only 27 minutes and not a second is wasted.

I love the different sound on “Bad Behaviour,” which comes off like a supercharged Los Campesinos track. The second half of the song is full of bubblegum harmonies and an extended guitar solo that finds its way back to a catchy riff to finish the song.

All Is Lost is available to stream on Spotify, or you can get it from their Bandcamp page. It’s currently “name your price,” so no complaints about cost.