Graveface Records Showcase at Subterranean 3/28/18

Last night Savannah, GA-based label Graveface stopped through Chicago to highlight a few bands that are currently touring together. Graveface founder Ryan Graveface brought his band Dreamend, supporting what he says is likely their last album that’s due out in a couple of weeks. They also brought Velvet Bethany from Buffalo, NY and The Lipschitz who are based right here in Chicago. Headlining the night was Kid Dakota out of Minneapolis. Each brought their own style to the stage, with good and interesting music being the only common threads.

Velvet Bethany started the show off on the right foot with some high energy punk that I enjoyed quite a bit. The Lipschitz were loud and fast, like a 2-person version of Fidlar. Dreamend slowed it down a bit with a more shoegaze vibe. The music was harsh, but pretty if that makes any sense. Kid Dakota was as close to a “singer-songwriter” style as the evening brought. He hit up some folk and blues flourishes while his vocals pierced the souls of those in attendance.

You can check out all of their music at the links above.