Laura Veirs-Lightning Rod

Remember I’m aware it still exists but I don’t know anyone who still uses it. Five or six years have gone by since the last time I scrobbled my recent plays. I did discover some great stuff through them, though, and Laura Veirs is one of the better ones. Around the time Bella Union re-issued her album The Triumphs And Travails Of Orphan Mae I heard the song “Jailhouse Fire” and was instantly hooked.

That was way back in 2005. Since then Veirs has garnered much more success and is probably best known for the work she did with Neko Case and k.d. Lang. Case/Lang/Veirs came out in 2016 and The Lookout is her return to the solo career she’s been working at for 20 years. It will be her tenth solo album and with a higher profile than ever before, it may be her chance to reach a bigger audience.

The album is out in two weeks, so “Lightning Rod” is the last single before it’s released. You’ll find she doesn’t stray too far from her wheelhouse on the track. It’s accompanied by a beautiful animated video by Izar Exteberria and Eñaut Uribesalgo.

The video and song are both hypnotic, drawing your focus into the world they share. Veirs’ obsession with fire has continued throughout her career, and I’m glad it comes through once more on this track. Of all the themes and images she conjures, it’s been the most used and always to strong affect.

She’ll be touring behind the new album. After a record release date in St Paul, MN she supports M. Ward for some shows. Then she’s headlining with support from The Hackles through May in the USA and Amaroun supporting in the UK in June. Check out her website for details.

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