Ruth Koléva-Wantchu

I’ve received a few emails over the last couple of months in regards to Ruth Koléva’s new record Confidence.Truth that I’ve archived for a later time because I wasn’t feeling it when I got them. I regret that now, because the album is already out and I wasn’t able to tell anyone to go get it. Koléva is a soul/funk singer from Bulgaria, and I didn’t even know anyone in that part of the world was doing soul/funk music. It’s good! So good, in fact, that the Sofia Philharmonic had her do two shows with their full orchestra a few years ago and they had her back to play some of the new songs in 2017 .

“Wantchu” is one of the tracks off the new record, and the choreography in the video is awesome. Watch the dancer’s arm work-I don’t think any part of my body can move like that.

The music on Confidence.Truth is played by some names you might be familiar with if you like to get deep on liner notes (or allmusic listings): Anderson.PAAK’s keyboardist Ron Avant, on synths she has Jameel Bruuner who has played with The Internet, and Gene Coye from Flying Lotus’s band on drums. She’s also got the Sofia Philharmonic on there, so I think it’s safe to say the sound is fantastic.

You can hear the new album and her others on her website. I don’t think she’ll be coming to the States, but if you’re in Europe you can find out if she’s coming to your country here.