Fujiya & Miyagi at Lincoln Hall 4/3/18

More than 15 years into a career, one could expect some complacency from a band that’s had some success. That isn’t the case with Fujiya & Miyagi. Last night at Lincoln Hall they delivered an 18-song set that was tight and inspired. They don’t tour a ton and they’ve added new members over the past few years, so everything felt fresh and exciting.

One thing I never noticed on the albums that I did pick up on last night-David Best’s voice sounds a lot like Michal Hutchence. It’s a kind of smoldering, low growl on the cusp of an explosion that adds just the right punch to some of the more biting lyrics. He also lays down some tasty licks on the guitar, which I think gets overlooked.

They didn’t take it all the way back to their first album during the show, but they did play six songs off Transparent Things (to celebrate the vinyl debut of the record) and a couple from Lightbulbs. 2011’s Ventriloquizzing was also left off the setlist entirely, and only one Artificial Sweeteners track was played. The rest was made up of the new songs that featured on their self-titled 2017 album, including the seven minute epic “Impossible Objects Of Desire” that closed the show.