Diarrhea Planet at Park West 4/11/18

Last week I finally had a chance to see Diarrhea Planet play live and they did not disappoint. They may have played for 20 minutes or an hour, I really don’t know. Time loses all meaning when you’re having that much fun watching a band rock out at such a high level. With six guys on stage, there was always something interesting taking place on the stage-or in one instance, off the stage.

I had previously seen one of my favorite bands cover Diarrhea Planet, when Titus Andronicus did “Ghost With A Boner” at Metro in 2013. The bands have toured together before and I would very much like to see them do it again. Diarrhea Planet is one of the few bands I would argue can capture the same intense energy that Stickles and his bandmates in TA can conjur.

To see for yourself, hit up the band’s website for concert info. They have a couple more shows with The Darkness, as well as some headlining sets through April and the beginning of May.

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