Khruangbin At Lincoln Hall 4/19/18

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to see Khruangbin for the first time. Their album Con Todo El Mundo came out earlier this year, and has been in my Records Of The Year ever since. They play a chill fusion of rock, funk, and blues that’s influence by music from every corner of the Earth. The band is a trio, and they all have expert-level chops.

I was stuck in the back of the room as the show was sold out (they played the same venue the following night and that show also sold out) and I got there late. Fortunately Lincoln Hall is a small enough place that all the way at the back is still a fine place to be. And it’s next to the soundboard so you’re getting the best of the sound waves hitting your ears.

The only thing that surprised me was how well they were able to work the crowd. They pulled the Malort stunt, which if you’re not from Chicago you won’t understand. For some reason it means a lot to Chicago audiences that visiting bands try our disgusting alcohol. They were pros about it. After the show guitarist/singer Mark even said that he kind of liked it. They pulled out a hip-hop medley toward the end of the show that included Chicago house legend Frankie Knuckles.


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