Ric Wilson-Split ft. Sen Morimoto

The Chicago rap scene has gone through a lot of changes over the last decade. From the rise of Kanye, the beginnings of soul-trap, and the war over Chi-raq. Coming out on the other side, we’ve been fortunate to find the city has no shortage of talent. So much so that it’s hard for anyone new to get heard under the omnipresent shadow of Chance.

Enter Ric Wilson, who has avoided the temptation of just copying what’s popular in favor of something more interesting and true to his own musical values. Today he announced a new EP with the lead single “Split,” his most impressive track yet.

The opening bars are a little Drake-like, but once that little hint of keyboards hits your ears it becomes something totally different. The repetitive nature makes it a great song for kicking back and just absorbing the groove.

Eventually things get real jazzy with some sax and you can hear the influence of 90’s legends Guru and The Digable Planets. The production maintains a modern feel, so it still fits in on your playlist with “Summer Friends” and “U Mad.”

Banba, the new EP, drops May 18th. You can pre-order it here.