Erin Rae-Putting On Airs

I had a funny thing happen a couple weeks ago. I was looking at concert listings to fill out my monthly calendar for May, and I happened upon the Old Town School Of Folk Music’s page for a series of shows The Mountain Goats are playing at the end of the month. Each show is being opened by Erin Rae, of whom I had never heard. Not an hour later I received an email announcing a new single from her called “Can’t Cut Loose.” Seeing this as a sign, I checked it out. It’s a good song, slow and emotional. Similar, in parts, to Laura Marling.

She just put out another single, “Putting On Airs,” that brings the tempo up a little but not much. This is the title track to Erin’s new record, which comes out at the beginning of June. It’s an old-timey tune about pretending to be something you’re not in order to receive love.

The instruments on the track blend together perfectly, creating a late-night saloon kind of sound. The highlight, though, is Erin Rae’s vocals. They’re pushed way out front, with the keyboards and slide guitar adding texture to the tones. It’s a bittersweet ballad of introspection that admits fault and seeks the ability to change.

You can pre-order Putting On Airs here. In addition to shows with The Mountain Goats here in Chicago at the end of May, Erin Rae will be supporting Margo Price for part of her tour, as well as playing the End Of The Road Festival in the UK. For a full list of upcoming concerts, go to her website.

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