Curious Grace & Black Rabbit-Fire Brigade

Thirty seconds into Curious Grace & Black Rabbit‘s “Fire Brigade,” I had to pull out the 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack to make sure I hadn’t heard this song already. It’s got the same energy of those mid-90’s power pop/alternative hits from Letters To Cleo and Save Ferris. It’s all brand new, though-references to “pink pussy hats” will let you know they’re talking about the present day.

There’s also something inescapably Dennis DeYoung-ian about Tom Erangey’s vocals that adds an interesting layer to the music. Written together with his partner in life and music Mary Erangey, they strike a fun balance of pulsating guitars and soaring harmonies.

“Fire Brigade” is the third single from their new album World On Fire, which will be released next month. The release show is set for Wire on June 28th. Tickets for the Berwyn venue are available here.