Tigue at Constellation 6/6/18

A few years ago I put together a show for a band from New York that I really loved and who went on to dissolve not much later. The drummer for that band was Carson Moody, who then joined up with Matt Evans and Amy Garapic to form Tigue. They’re a percussion trio that make soundscapes with sonic nods to drone, afrobeat, and experimental ambience. The repetition can sometimes become hypnotic, and then they’ll break you out of your trance with flourishes of unexpected sounds.

They came to town last night to support their newest album, Strange Paradise, which is out now and available on CD, vinyl, and digital. They ended the set with “Quilts,” which is all of side B on the album. At 21 minutes, you would think it would have a hard time keeping your attention, but give it a listen and I think you will find yourself wrapped up in it all the way through.

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