Hiber: Summer Of Sound at House Of Blues

Lynnea Malley just joined Hiber back in March, but she’s wasted no time putting her own stamp on the band’s songs. A songwriter herself, the interpretations of Danny Surico’s lyrics as she performs them are vastly different from the Hiber of the past. Once reliant on chill vibes and solid song craft, the added wrinkle of a spitfire lead singer has sparked the group to another level.

Surico and Malley were joined on stage by producer Yoo Soo Kim on keyboards, Evan Pinter on electric guitar, and Dan Lieber on drums. These players also appear on Hiber’s debut EP, What You Wanted, which came out last spring. Since the addition of a new singer the group have begun work on recording new music.

You can check out the EP from last year on Hiber’s Bandcamp page.

The summer solstice concert at House Of Blues was a showcase for local talent. Hiber opened up, followed by Todd Kessler, Carly & Martina, and Milwaukee artist Trapo. These four acts brought diverse styles to the stage, featuring folk, rock, pop, and hip-hop.

All photos by Kari Terzino Photography

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