Angry Blackmen-Riot

I don’t know much about this rap duo Angry Blackmen. Quentin Branch and Brian Warren are from Chicago and trying to break through in a city bursting at the seams with talent. They sent me this video a month ago and I haven’t had time to really look at it until now.

I really enjoyed the references to Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange and Office Space In The first section of the video. The clip jumps back and forth between the Angry Blackmen rapping outdoors and messing around in a department store.

It’s a fun video and a good introduction to these two artists. I’d like to see some more from them in the future. And hopefully they continue to collaborate with Agapito Rodriguez, who directed this one.

If you like what you heard, check out their Facebook page to stay up to date with any news or show announcements.

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