T-Rextasy: Girl, Friend

New York City punk/pop quartet T-Rextasy is coming to Chicago this week to play a show with Blacker Face at an undisclosed location. I was sent their latest video to make sure I was aware of it, and now I’m looking forward to hearing them play. The clip for “Girl, Friend” has a little bit of an early 90’s feel to it, but that might be exacerbated by the influences in the music.

Tired of lonely nights, the band sets up a “Pool-O-Luv” to try to find a match. Sadly, everyone that comes to the pool finds a partner except them. It’s a fun video and you can tell they were having a good time filming it.

It doesn’t quite hit as hard as their 2016 video for “Gap Yr Boiz,” though. If you’re unfamiliar with the band, check that video out as well.