Martin Van Ruin-On The Level (Video Premiere)

It’s been a few years since Martin Van Ruin’s brilliant debut, Every Man A King. I’m very excited that their follow-up will finally arrive next Friday, and that they’ll be appearing at Fitzgerald’s the same night to play it live. Derek Nelson is a great songwriter and performer, so I’m sure Current Day won’t disappoint.

Today I’m premiering the latest video off the record, “On The Level.” The video is a hypnotic loop of people doing the Macarena at the 1996 Democratic National Convention, with Hillary appearing at the climax laughing and clapping.

Derek is a smart, political guy. He started a weekly newsletter following the 2016 election laying out things anyone could do to protect our institutions and perhaps maintain sanity. It’s called re:act and you can sign up for it here.

I’m not positive I’m understanding this video correctly (I never am with music videos), but I think a lot of people will find it relatable. Basically, it has to do with voter disenfranchisement. All the decisions being made are by people for whom nobody in this generation voted. They’re out of touch and leading us down a path that isn’t what anyone under 30 wants.

They’ve tossed out their traditional arrangements in favor of a more electronic sound that fits in with the digital age. It actually sounds a little like Arcade Fire’s Reflektor in a lot of ways.

Tickets for the show are $10 and they’ll be supported by The Shams Band. You can grab yours here.

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