Balún at SubT 8/18/18

Fresh off the release of their new album Prisma Tropical, Balún Hit Chicago to open for The Chamanas last night. They’re a 4-piece from San Juan, Puerto Rico, via Brooklyn, with a sound that merges heavy percussion with synths and guitar.

I was happy to hear them play my favorite off the album, “Años Atrás” and some other great ones. The live version of the first single “La Nueva Ciudad” was really cool. They’re an interesting band to sit back and watch because everyone is doing so many things to bring the sound of the album to the audience.

Vocalist Angélica Negrón was singing, playing accordion, chiming bells, and hitting a Coke bottle and moving between each with ease. Seeing something like that is the reason I love going to see a band. The musicianship they showed was very impressive.

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