Plain White T’s In-Store At Reckless Records 8/24/18

I wasn’t sure what to expect walking in to Reckless Records on a Friday night for an in-store performance by Plain White T’s. On the one hand it’s a local band who’ve made a name for themselves on a national level. On the other hand that was a while ago and the shine has worn off for the most part. The reality was was what I probably should have assumed-a bunch of dedicated fans who have been following the band since their humble beginnings in the Chicago suburbs.

I got there an hour early and found a decent spot to take pictures off to the side while the middle was already pretty full between the rows of vinyl. I listened while fans talked about how long they’ve been following the band, their favorite songs, interactions they’ve had. The feeling I got was that these folks really love Plain White T’s in a way someone who only knows “Hey There Delilah” never could.

The new album, Parallel Universe, came out earlier in the day. They played seven songs (pretty good for a set inside a record store) and they were all off that record. To my surprise, a lot of the people in the audience knew the words to most of them already.

(I just downloaded a trial version of this program, filmora,  to reduce the size of the video file because it was HUGE! If you have any experience with it, let me know what you think in the comments section)

The sound was really good for being in a venue that doesn’t always host live music. I was right up against a speaker and I could here the vocals and guitars equally well. The rhythm section wasn’t overpowering so I didn’t feel like my teeth were rattling the whole time.

I haven’t had a chance to hear Parallel Universe yet, but a couple of the songs they played were a lot of fun. The one-two lunch of radio ready tunes “Bury Me” and “Your Body” appears to show that they’ve been staying up with current trends and know what fans want to hear.

After the set the guys stuck around to sign copies of their new album and take photos with everyone who came to see them play. They were really nice about posing and accommodating any requests. Mostly they just seemed excited to get the new tunes out there and appreciative that people still listen to their stuff 21 years into being a band. The percentage of music groups that go 20+ years is really, really small. So, kudos to them for sticking together and continuing to put out music that people want to hear.


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