The WLDLFE-“Towel”

Who’s ready for the great Hoosier boom?!!? It’s been a long time since Indiana was relevant in the music conversation, or any conversation for that matter. The WLDLFE is trying to change that, joining fellow Indiana natives Houndmouth in the cultural zeitgeist. Their new album I’m Not Worried Anymore dropped today, and I’m including a video for their song “Towel” for your enjoyment.

Much like Milan vs. Muncie Central, it’s an uphill battle to make a name for yourself in music. These musicians have a good sound, not unlike The 1975, but it’s their lyricism for which they’d like to be known. “Towel” is a little melancholic, sounding like a lonesome jubilee. The reverb-drenched vocals echo through the song like a crying child in the Marengo Cave.

The backline is slow and relaxed, like the current on the Wabash River, while the repeated guitar riff is more like the women of Kappa Alpha Theta at the Little 500. The multi-talented Carson Hogan provides more texture while his brother Jansen teaches the ABC’s of great vocals.

If you’re looking for the next big thing, Santa Clause may have come early. It’s eerie how well this band has followed recent trends in music and developed their own style around it. This tune definitely proves there’s more than corn in their hometown. This song is perfect for a chill day at the beach or a drive on the Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds Freeway. It’s enough to make a trip to Conner Prairie seem exciting.

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