Childish Gambino at United Center 9/8/18

I just want to share a few clips with you all. The final Childish Gambino tour is really something to behold and too few are going to get a chance to experience it firsthand. As Donald Glover said in opening the show, “If you came to hear your favorite song, you should leave right now.” His performance was very much molded to serve his own imagination. As one of the most creative minds in entertainment, I have no doubts that he was involved in every aspect of the staging, lights, and choreography.

He asked multiple times for people not to record-including when he gave a heartfelt dedication to Mac Miller, who had passed away the previous day. However, when he did see someone filming he chastised them for doing so in vertical and told them they “gotta turn that shit.” I’m so glad someone other than me gets annoyed when people record videos vertically. Given that, I didn’t feel bad recording a few short videos to share with people who might enjoy them. I know I’ve been watching them over and over again.

He opened the show with a new song called “Algorhythm.”


This Is America




Summertime Magic

I. The Worst Guys

II. Worldstar

Stand Tall



Have Some Love


Feels Like Summer


This Is America



V. 3005

IV. Sweatpants