Jeff Tweedy-Some Birds

Wilco has never been a band known for their great music videos, so I was a bit surprised by the intricacy of Jeff Tweedy’s latest solo clip. His new solo album, WARM, was announced this morning. Accompanying the announcement was a video for the first single, “Some Birds,” directed by Seth Henrikson (who also directed the video for Tweedy’s “Low Key” and the Michael Shannon film Pottersville).

I can’t help but get a bit of a George Harrison vibe from the way Tweedy strums that double guitar with his head in a hair dryer. The image is very “Got My Mind Set On You.” It seems that Jeff is a little more open to appearing on-screen than he used to be. Perhaps after spots on Parks & Recreation, Portlandia, and his cameo in the film Hearts Beat Loud, he’s more comfortable in his skin.

You can pre-order WARM here. I recommend doing so as soon as possible. I caught Jeff earlier this year at a festival in South Carolina and he played a couple of these new songs. I was really floored by one of them. Haven’t heard the studio version yet, but if it’s half as good as it was live, it’ll be worth the cost of the full album.

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