Todd Kessler-Meet You There

You may remember Todd Kessler from his run with Cee-Lo Green on The Voice in 2012. He didn’t win, but he showed America the kind of musician he is, and he’s stayed true to that since then. He formed a group after his stint called Todd Kessler And The New Folk, who I got to see perform at Lincoln Hall. I’ve also seen him perform solo a couple of times, and he really puts every ounce of himself into his sets.

“Meet You There,” his newest single, deals with destructive endings and the hope of new beginnings. It comes at a time when destruction seems the only way out of our current political situation, so I think a lot of people will be able to relate to the lyrics. The track finds Kessler playing with new rhythms, but still delivering the words in the same smooth manner for which he’s known.

Going along with the theme of endings and beginnings, Kessler merges some very basic, old school elements with some modern flare like little synth sounds that really pop under the guitar-drum foundation. There’s also an added layer of vocals throughout that really adds weight to what’s being sung.

Kessler next appears live at a new venue called Hey Nonny in the suburb Arlington Heights on Friday November 30th. Ticket info can be found here. For more info on upcoming shows and new music, check out his website.


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