Calvero-Vanishing Streets

For those that have known Gabe Liebowitz for years, his new single “Vanishing Streets” may seem a bit out of left field. He made his bones in Chicago playing solo and in a great band called Dastardly before heading back to the east coast a few years ago. Since then he’s been paying the rent writing with acts like Terror Jr (check out “Smoke” if you haven’t). Now he’s back with a new project called Calvero.

This first single sounds nothing like his last works, but it does follow in step with the music he’s been working on for others. “Vanishing Streets” is a heavy dose of synth pop and 80’s influences that could fill the dance floor at any club worth going to. It also feels intimate enough to play on headphones alone in your bedroom.

The soaring vocal harmonies that close the song really drive it home. Actually, the bring it home in more ways that’s one-the singers joining him are Natalie Grace Alford and Bethany Thomas, both based in Chicago where he spent so much of his early career.

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