Tancred-Something Else

Over the summer Tancred put out a new album called Nightstand. I saw her play a couple years ago when Out Of The Garden was first released, but this one somehow flew under my radar. The album is a bit poppier than the last, which is a good thing.

This video for “Something Else” is a lot of fun. It’s inspired by the show Riverdale and probably delivers the best music video based on a tv show since Weezer gave us “Buddy Holly.”

Potty Mouth show up as Jess Abbot’s backing band, The Pussycats. When she’s not on stage Jess is in character as a high school player, getting with a series of girls. She’s never satisfied and always wanting something else (WHOA that’s the title of the song!).

Tancred will be in Chicago this weekend, opening for The Joy Formidable at Lincoln Hall on Saturday November 3rd. Tickets can be found here.