Lauren Rocket-Diamond Nights

I first saw Lauren Rocket playing keys with Night Terrors Of 1927 a few years ago. Since then she’s been slowly but surely working on her solo career. About a week ago she posted the first video for new music. “Diamond Nights” gives us an idea of what to expect from upcoming tunes.

The video is a sun-drenched glimpse at Nevada is all it’s neon glory. Creepy clowns and desert mountains get equal screen time in the clip, directed by Kansas Bowling. The song isn’t a long one, so there’s no messing around here-the images all work to illustrate the atmosphere that the music is providing.

This is a dance floor number at its foundation. There’s a tip of the hat to Debbie Harry’s delivery in “Rapture” and a bit of the sardonic humor of The Waitresses’ “I Know What Guys Want” to the delivery that makes it all the more interesting.

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