More Giraffes-It Was A Joke

I’ve written about a couple of the singles More Giraffes put out this year. Yesterday, their debut EP hit streaming services. It features the couple I’ve covered plus a few that you haven’t heard yet.

Mark Hadley and Keeley Bumford are good at taking familiar sounds and adding their own spin. If you listen to anything by Calvin Harris or Zedd you should have an ear for a lot of the beats here. The difference is More Giraffes give it an emotional connection you don’t get with EDM or dubstep.

Bumford’s vocals reveal influence from singers like Rihanna and Ellie Goulding, buried beneath layers of effects to add an interesting depth to the music. With Hadley there’s a partnership based on fun and creating. Their chemistry is undeniable and they are coming up with some great tunes.

The first three songs on It Was A Joke were all released earlier this year as singles. It makes the EP a bit top heavy, with the songs at the bottom unable to keep things going at the high level that’s set by the lead tracks. “AOP” and “Cloud” are both good, but may have been better served if they were released separately.

More Giraffes are still in the early stages. Bows your chance to get in on the fun early. You can introduce your friends to these new jams and retain the role as “the music one” in your group of friends.

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