Madame Gandhi-Bad Habits

Last month Madame Gandhi released a new video for a song called “Bad Habits.” I’ve listened to the song a few times since then, but finally watched the video and will share it with you all now.

The Fela Kuti-inspired track is all about self-empowerment and choosing to be your best self. The video shows Kiran Gandhi out in the middle of the desert talking to women sitting in a fashion that looks like school is in session. This image is doing double duty as a statement that women need to be helping to educate each other, while also visualizing the emptiness one feels when it seems like life is walking all over you.

The video itself is a wonderful piece. It’s like a Hype Williams clip on a Troma budget. Just watching Gandhi play different forms of percussion would be compelling enough, but the dancing and the beauty of the nature that surrounds them is really great.

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