T-Rextasy: Prehysteria

Last summer I had the opportunity to catch NY quartet T-Rextasy at a DIY venue in Logan Square. It was a different experience than what I’m used to, but the songs were good and everyone was very welcoming. They were touring in support of their single, “Girlfriend,” which appears on their new album Prehysteria.

Now that I’ve heard the whole thing, they actually did quite a bit off this record that night. It’s possible the album was already done, but maybe they were trying some stuff out to see if it worked. Despite having some knowledge of the tunes, there were plenty of surprises to be heard.

The album opens with “The Zit Song,” which is about a girl whose best friend is a pimple. It’s a metaphor for self-acceptance, of course, but the concept is well thought out. There’s a section of horns in the chorus and if you just heard that part you might think you were listening to The National or something.

The songs that follow deal with all kinds of subjects: sex, misogyny, identity, all the things that young people are dealing with today. They do it all in a fun way, without taking themselves too seriously.

My favorite song from Prehysteria is “Baby.” It straddles the bridge between the new and old, providing a great exhibition of all the things they do well. The bubble gum garage rock that they play has more than a little nostalgia to it, and “Baby” hits just the right chords to make it a standout.

The band is back in town tomorrow, playing The Empty Bottle on a short tour promoting the album. If you don’t have plans already, I definitely recommend checking them out if you’re in the Chicago area. Tickets can be found here.

You can check out their Facebook page for more dates. Prehysteria is available to purchase on Bandcamp right now for $10.

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