Odetta and Camellia Hartman-Tonight You Belong To Me featuring Oliver Ignatius

I got an early listen to this song a few weeks ago (an early Christmas present from the good people at Holy Fang). I’d never heard of Patience & Prudence, nor original writers Billy Rose and Lee David. Somehow I missed the bajillion covers by everyone from Nancy Sinatra to Eddie Vedder-even the bird and the bee do a version of this tune (reinterpreting the masters, indeed!).

I checked out a bunch of versions, and I didn’t like a single one of them as much as I do this most recent iteration. The Hartman sisters have an innate ability to harmonize and stay in sync. They come closest to the childlike innocence of the most famous version, but make it into a haunting memory of lost love.

The production has a timeless quality to it. The song is lovely, with an eerie energy that makes it endlessly listenable. I’ve probably heard it a hundred times already, and I’m all set to hear it a hundred more.

This release from Holy Fang is the studio’s latest in a fast-growing catalog of great stuff, and they don’t have any plans to slow down in the coming year.

Odetta Hartman continues to tour behind her amazing record Old Rockhounds Never Die. She’s in Europe through February, but she’ll be back in the States soon enough. Check out her Bandcamp page for tour dates and to hear more music.

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