Fort Frances-Double Take

It’s been nearly three years since Chicago-based Fort Frances put out an album. Since then, lead singer/songwriter David McMillin has been working on a new musical project called Grand Am in New York City and recording material for a new Fort Frances album with the rest of the band-Aaron Kiser, Jeff Piper, and Jason Ryan.

Now we have our first listen to some new music in quite some time. If you’ve listened to the band before, “Double Take” is not an unfamiliar sound. The horn arrangements that have been sprinkled through other songs in their catalog play a larger role here. The song really embraces the power of brass that helped catapult bands like Chicago to fame in the 70’s. They fit right in with the music on “Double Take,” and give a little oomph in a couple places. I only wish the guitar solo that gets hinted at a few times had been unleashed.

Drummer Aaron Kiser made the video below, and it comes with a warning for those sensitive to flashing lights.

No word on tour dates or when a new album will be out. Still, I’m happy to at least have some new Fort Frances music in my life and you should be as well. Check out their website for more great tunes.

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