Molehill-Finish Line

It’s been a couple years since the last time we heard from Molehill, but they’ve been keeping busy. Today we’re getting our first listen to a single from their new EP Hostage, and as usual for Molehill it’s an evolution without turning their backs on what has been working for them over the years.

The keys are a little heavier throughout the EP and that is certainly true on “Finish Line.” Greg Van Zuiden lays the foundation for the sonic aesthetic of the record. The vocals feel a bit different here as well. The words take a long time to come out, with everything a little stretched. It adds to the sleep-deprived, hypnotic state of the music.

The band went Brooklyn to record this EP with producer Justin Gerrish. He’s previously produced albums by The Pigeon Detectives and Future Generations, as well as mixing/engineer work for everyone from Herbie Hancock to The Strokes. Based on what I’ve heard, his producing style is fairly hands-off, letting the band do their thing and making them sound as good as possible.

Molehill just made all of their music available on Bandcamp for the low price of $18.90. It’s six digital releases, so that’s a great price! Find them all here.