morgxn At Concord Music Hall 2/7/19

My idea of what a morgxn live set might look like was completely wrong. From listening to his songs I saw a guy seated at a piano/keyboard singing his heart out with some quiet accompaniment. The reality was a bit more electrifying, with morgxn in almost constant motion while a guitarist broke off riffs and a drummer laid down the beats for a set full of fun and genuine heart.

The show stuck mainly to last year’s Vital LP, with morgxn dancing across the stage during the uptempo numbers like “Bruised” and “Carry The Weight.” It slowed down a bit for, in my opinion, his best song “Me Without You.” At this moment it came the closest to what I had thought the whole show would be like. He brought all the focus to the vocals, which is where it should be on that song. The track was delivered beautifully and the crowd singing along made it sound even better.

At the end of the set I realized that morgxn and Robert DeLong have more in common than I had thought. In fact, it was a perfect set to warm up the audience. morgxn is much more chill than DeLong, but the overall feel isn’t that different.

If you want catch morgxn while he’s on tour with Robert DeLong, you can find all the tour dates here.

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