Robert DeLong at Concord Music Hall 2/6/19

I can’t really speak on Robert DeLong‘s music. I haven’t listened to him enough to have an opinion, and I certainly haven’t listened to enough to break it down and have anything intelligent to say about it. I caught a few songs of his headlining set at Concord Music Hall because I was there covering morgxn, and I’m glad I stuck around to see it.

I can say that, as a performer, DeLong gives it one thousand percent. His stage setup has stations for him to play guitar, drums, and a command center where he can do pretty much anything else. In just the few songs that I stayed to watch he hit all the stations multiple times, even getting behind another drum set from which he had another musician accompanying him for the night. He played all the instruments well and seemed to thrive on the chaotic energy of moving from one to the other.

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