G Jones at Concord Music Hall 2/21/19

If you don’t know who G Jones is, I’m sure you’re not alone. However, you would’ve felt extremely out of place Thursday night at Concord Music Hall. After sets by Chee and Tsuruda that went a little too long for me, Jones took the stage to a thunderous applause from the crowd of just under a thousand people.

He’s a lean figure standing up there behind his impressive rig. He has strobes built-in underneath him and a circle of lights that surround him at various times throughout the set. Behind him a huge screen displaying crazy visuals-keys, hands, sometimes text to go along with the song he’s performing. All the while he remains a shadow, as if to say “Feeling the music is more important than seeing me.”

Jones is out on the road supporting his album The Ineffable Truth, which came out back in October of last year. Those few months gave fans plenty of time to pick their favorites, with cheers coming from every which way at the start of each new track. My favorite came right at the beginning of the very first song. As the music started blasting though the speakers a man shouted at the top of his lungs “LET’S TAKE A TRIP TO FLAVORTOWN!!!” I don’t think that has any specific meaning to the music of G Jones, but it was hilarious.

For over an hour the sound echoed through the audience, causing their bodies to sway with their limbs all akimbo. The excitement was palpable even in the back of the venue where there was less dancing. Instead of moving with the music, those who chose to stay further from the stage were letting the beats wash over them in an uninterrupted bliss session.

Jones has tour dates set up through August right now. You can find all the info you’ll need about where and when on his website.

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