Puss N Boots at Martyrs 3/4/19

A couple songs into their set and you’ll understand why Puss N Boots opened it up with “Twilight” by The Band. As three women who can sing and play multiple instruments, the influence of Robbie, Garth, Rick, Levon, and Richard is felt in everything they do. The trio was in Chicago for about a week recording a new album at Wilco’s Loft and put on a sold-out shindig to cap off the experience.

The band has been playing together for a decade, but didn’t put out their debut album until 2014. They’ve been playing shows off and on in New York City and finally had time to get together to record a new album. Setting up at The Loft seems like a no-brainer since the groups have been friends for a long time. Cat Popper told a funny story about how they were both playing the Bridge School Benefit one year and Puss N Boots was going to cover “Jesus, etc.” and she wanted to get Jeff’s blessing. He said he didn’t know yet if they were going to play it, but once she made it known that they were going to do it and they played first, he said “I guess we’ll have to play it, too.”

The three took turns singing originals and covers. You would think, with Norah Jones being such a known figure, that she would dominate the vocals. Not only did she not try to do too much, she often blended into the background of the harmonies. All three have very complimentary voices, so when they all sing together it sounds fantastic.

I don’t know when the album will be coming out, but keep your eyes peeled for an announcement.