Titus Andronicus-(I Blame) Society

Titus Andronicus has been one of my favorite bands over the last decade. Patrick Stickles and his constantly changing band hit the sweet spot between folk and punk that I love, and the live show is as good as it gets. Yesterday Merge announced a new record, An Obelisk, coming out June 21st and gave us our first taste with “(I Blame) Society).”

The new album is produced by Husker Du and Sugar frontman Bob Mould, but don’t file this one under easy listening. Stickles is as loud and angry as ever, standing in front of the Washington Monument screaming about American avarice and the system that is constantly holding down the majority of the citizens here.

The video, directed by Ray Concepcion, relies heavy on the famous Dylan video for “Subterranean Homesick Blues.” While it’s been done a million times, it fits with the story they’re telling about an angry individual screaming at the monolith that represents that which has upset him.

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