Mike Adams At His Honest Weight-Pressing Mesh

I get sent a lot of music. Sometimes it’s not up my alley, sometimes I like it but don’t have time to write, and sometimes a song or video hits me at just the right time and I feel like I have to let people know about it immediately. “Pressing Mesh” is definitely in the last category, which is why your Monday is starting with a song by someone you probably haven’t heard of yet.

Mike Adams is a Bloomington, Indiana guy (a Hoosier, if you will), which means he’s not buying in to the idea that you have to live in a major city to make great music. After all, Bloomington is where Will Sheff wrote a lot of amazing Okkervil River songs and of course John Darnielle, one of the most prolific songwriters of the last 20 years or so, was born there back in 1967. Indiana University also has the Ernie Pyle school of journalism, so good writers have a way of finding themselves in the southern Indiana town one way or another.

What caught my ear initially wasn’t the lyrical strength but the melody. It’s got a real Fountains Of Wayne kind of feel, which I think more people like than would admit it. Aurally, it’s very pleasing. It doesn’t try to do too much but remains sonically interesting throughout, which is no easy task.

“Pressing Mesh” is a single from Mike Adams At His Honest Weight’s new album There Is No Feeling Better, due out on June 14th. You can pre-order the album here.

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