The Foons-Summertime Summary

On my birthday last month I received an email from Erik Rothlind of The Foons. He was at Handwritten Records working with Rick Riggs, the gentleman who helped propel Hasty Revelations to the heights we reached. I’m always happy to check out anyone that records with him, so I told Erik I would check it out.

And I did, insomuch as I gave it a passive listen shortly after that email and forgot about it. For some reason The Foons kept nagging at me, so I went back to Spotify and saw they have an even newer release that came out at the end of May. This time the song hit me right away and I think it’s great. These guys have only been together a short while, recorded an EP, and already have a hit as far as I’m concerned.

“Summertime Summary” lands somewhere between good Fountains Of Wayne songs and slightly alt-rock. It’s a very well-written song that’s catchy enough to warrant repeat listens while also concise enough that you can understand the whole thing in one.

The groups first live show is coming up on June 21st at Elbo Room. You can get tickets here.

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