Slothrust & Sons Of An Illustrious Father Share Split 7”

I’ve been a big fan of both of these bands for a long time. Its been 8 years since I started spreading the Sons gospel and 5 since I instantly fell for the grungy alt-rock of Slothrust. Both bands have continuously landed songs and albums in my year-end lists and played amazing shows here.

A couple years ago they toured together starting with Slothrust’s show right after their appearance here in Chicago. I was really upset they weren’t playing together in my town, but I ended up being really excited that I was able to help set up a show for Sons at Tonic Room. The fans that came out that night were so happy to see the band in a small venue and I’m forever grateful to be a part of that.

Yesterday the two bands released a 7″ together with Slothrust covering “U.S. Gay” and Sons doing a version of “Horseshoe Crab.” Normally I’m not a big fan of bands doing this, but it works amazingly well here. Leah Wellbaum’s vocals on the line “Who knows how long we’ll live anyway” at the end of “U.S. Gay” is maybe her purest work.

Sons completely rework “Horseshoe Crab,” leaving the melody in place but playing with tempo and arrangement to make it completely their own. The harmonies bounce in and out in a really fascinating way.

Dangerbird is putting out the vinyl release of this 7″, which you can pre-order here. You can hear it on Spotify and YouTube, of course, but if you’d like to buy the digital version to keep it forever you can get that as well. Proceeds from this double-A single benefit The Trevor Project.

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