Heart Bones at Lincoln Hall 7/10/19

Heart Bones have played Chicago before, and I couldn’t make it for whatever reason. Having now witnessed the live show for myself, the feeling of regret only deepens. Despite not having an album out yet (and it sounds like we’ll be waiting a while before it comes out) they burned through an hour of material without missing a beat.

Separately I’ve enjoyed both members of the band over the years. I first heard of Har Mar Superstar way back in 2000something when a friend of mine put “Love Jam No. 1” on a CD that mostly featured MC Paul Barman’s It’s Very Stimulating EP and some other random stuff. Sabrina Ellis is a ferocious singer in the rock band A Giant Dog, which I enjoy quite a bit and have since I listened to their music before doing an interview with them a few years ago. Their styles don’t seem suited to one another based on their other works, but the chemistry is undeniable when they get together.

The first Heart Bones music came after A Giant Dog played some shows with Har Mar Superstar a couple years ago. He and Sabrina hit it off and worked on a cover of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. They even did full choreography to go along with “The Time Of My Life.” It became a crowd favorite instantly and they’ve since put together enough originals to fill a whole set.

Both performers have great moves and know how to electrify a crowd. It’s one thing to assume the people you’re watching on stage are having fun, but these two put it on display the whole time they’re up there. The positivity is palpable and spreads like wildfire through the audience.

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