Video Premiere: “You And Your Shadow” by Kate Schell

Earlier this year Kate Schell put out a great record called Past Present Future, her first release since her former band, Paper Thick Walls, parted ways. It’s made its way in and out of my personal Top 25 albums of 2019 over the months, but it is currently in and definitely worth your time.

I’m honored to be premiering the video for “You And Your Shadow,” one of the albums best songs. Nick Rush of Nice Touch put together a great clip that features some animation as well as live actors in a mental health institution. It adds to the song’s statement about taking control of your own situation.

There’s a twist in the video that I really like, where Schell switches from a patient to the doctor. It hammers home the idea that everyone struggles with mental health issues, and it’s our job to help one another. I don’t know if it will help in the long run, but this video attempts to make a difference in ending the stigma around this issue.

If you like what you heard, check out Kate’s album here.