Cox’s Army at The Hideout 11/8/19

Last weekend Chuck Cox brought his bluegrass band Cox’s Army to The Hideout to celebrate the release of their new LP. New Richmond Town is the follow-up to Green Eyed Train, almost exactly a year after the latter’s release. The release show was a beautiful night of campfire sing-a-longs and murder ballads that had the crowd dancing and weeping in equal measure.

The show essentially featured two headliners, with Cox’s Army playing a much longer than normal opening set for Lawerence Peters Outfit. No complaints here, though. It was great to see a band so tight and professional. I don’t make it out to many Honky-Tonk nights, so it was a real treat to be in the crowd for this one.

If you want to check out the music from Cox’s Army, check out their Facebook page here.