Ezra Furman-Every Feeling

“I wanna feel every feelin’ in the book tonight
And only love
Only love and happiness will remain (ooh)
Only love and happiness will remain”

I’m a big fan of the show Sex Education for a lot of reasons. Otis is a great character with lots of interesting but relatable issues. His high school seems completely insane compared to the one I attended (*cough* twenty years ago *cough*). And his friends, enemies, acquaintances are all good characters. But the first thing that got me hooked on the show was the fact that it featured so much music from Ezra Furman.

Ezra has long been one of my favorites. Who better to set the musical tone than someone who writes so eloquently about the obstacles facing down those in the LGBTQI community. So much of the conversation around sex has changed in the last couple of decades, and it’s nice to see a show that covers all of it with respect and reverence.

In the last couple of weeks an album of music from the show was released by Ezra Furman, featuring some older songs and some written specifically for the show. The single, “Every Feeling,” got a new video released today.

The song is a great introduction to his work. If you’re not a fan already, check this one out and then move on to his other amazing albums that have come out over the last six or seven years. He also just announced some new shows, including a hometown show here in Chicago at Empty Bottle (tickets on sale this Friday, 2/28)!!!!

On a tangential note, this song makes me think a lot about the Rilke poem that covers the screen at the end of Jojo Rabbit:

“Let everything happen to you

Beauty and terror

Just keep going

No feeling is final”

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