Margaret Glaspy-Stay With Me

This week has been full of awesome new music announcements. One that might have slipped under your radar is the new single from Margaret Glaspy that came out yesterday. Glaspy has been a force over the last few years, receiving praise for her strong songwriting and memorable performances (and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that Margert Glasper Trio collaboration that pops into my head whenever I hear her name). “Stay With Me” is the second single from Devotion, which comes out March 27th.

A quick quote from Glaspy regarding the new record describes the vibe of this song perfectly: “…life is short and it’s ok to be sincere.” This song is about loving completely through good times and bad and having faith that the other person is doing the same. A concept that seems impossible in the current realm of popular music.

“And just the thought of you Needing something Makes me wanna do Anything and everything I just can’t make sense Of being’ on the fence about you, not you”

If you dig the song, pre-order the album right here. She just added a sandstone-colored vinyl to the media available, so if you prefer the warm tone that you can only get when the needle drops, grab it today!