Opus Orange-Miles From Nowhere

I’m not sure if it’s the beauty of the backing vocals or the hours I currently spend looking longingly out my windows, but this video really hit me hard. Filmed and edited on VHS, Opus Orange takes us on a little hike out in the hills and trees. The landscape is beautiful and provides a good visual to show the feeling of isolating in the vast expanse of nature.

“Miles From Nowhere” is the title track from their latest album of the same name. The record is a spacey, textured haze of guitars and voices lamenting the disconnect we all feel from one another. While the music is rooted in real-life issues, it consistently reaches far beyond. The optimism displayed is a testament to the human spirit and our ability to endure.

A little Opus Orange might be just what you need to buoy your spirits today (and for the foreseeable future). You can stream Miles From Nowhere on Spotify and purchase on Bandcamp here.