Jess Williamson-Infinite Scroll

Since we’ve all been in isolation I’ve found it very difficult to get motivated to do anything at all. True inspiration is even more rare. Thank goodness we have Jess Williamson out there getting things done so that we don’t have to. “Infinite Scroll” is the second single off her new album, Sorceress, which comes out on my birthday, May 15th.

The accompanying video is a beautiful compliment to Williamson’s lyrics. The runaway bride, feeling confusion and relief mixed with heartbreak. The imagery seems to indicate the endless possibilities of mankind, and the need to sometimes break away from the things that tether us to to the ground so we can’t reach the stars for which we so desperately reach.

I don’t have much else to add. I wrote about Jess’s last single a month ago, and if you dig this you’ll enjoy that as well. You can pre-order Sorceress here.