Iceage-Lockdown Blues

I am fascinated by pieces of art that show up during some kind of huge event. Books, movies, photos….anything that gives a glimpse of what it’s like in the moment. When you don’t have the comfort of hindsight or perspective, you only have your thoughts and feelings to guide you. The only thing you can capture is the humanity of that single instant.

Unfortunately, most of what is being put out there right now are TikToks of people dancing or getting disturbingly good at bouncing ping pong balls off of pots and pans. However, we do have some great musicians that are putting on live shows over the internet either by YouTube or Instagram.

Iceage took it a step further and made a new song about our current situation and released a lyric video for it last week. The Danish group have a different perspective, I’m sure, than we do here in the states. One thing is for sure, though: it sucks for everyone no matter where you are. They hit all the main points we all think about here, and do so in a pretty direct way.

The song is a little less polished than what fans of their album Beyondless might be used to, but I enjoy the stripped-down nature of the song. We’re all just sitting at home doing nothing. So they grabbed their instruments and let their emotions out into the world.

All the profits from this single are being donated to Doctors Without Borders. Head over to their bandcamp page to purchase.