Fiona Apple Appreciation Post

Like a lot of you, this quarantine has been not so great for me. I’m fine, but it’s not ideal. One of the things that’s been getting me through these last couple weeks is the promise of new music from Fiona Apple. When I heard that Fetch The Bolt Cutters would be arriving soon, it instantly perked me up and gave me something to be excited about.

It hasn’t made the days go by any faster. In fact, as we get closer and my anticipation grows, the days wear on like sap gently crawling down a maple tree. I’ve been listening to a lot of Fiona’s music to get ready for the new stuff, though I’m sure it won’t help since she always has something new up her sleeves.

I don’t have anything new to share with you today, just some of my favorites from one of the greats. Might stay awake until Friday so I don’t miss an early drop.

Remember that time I went to see a Blake Mills show and then Fiona came out to cover a Conway Twitty song?

Or when she played at Lincoln Hall and I recorded “Fast As You Can” with my phone pointed at the ground so security didn’t yell at me?

Or that time she proved that the only person who should attempt doing Fiona songs is Fiona

Ok for some reason this video of Fiona covering “Pure Imagination” to a video of dolphins swimming around has under two thousand views..what is happening????

And Fiona covering the recently departed Bill Withers, sitting right there on her own YouTube page at just OVER two thousand views…come ON!!!!

Here’s that time she made an already perfect song even more perfect

Remember Tower Records? What I would’ve given to be in the audience at this show for the Extraordinary Machine releases.