Khruangbin-Time (You and I)

Even in times of great stress, you can count on Khruangbin to keep it funky. Yesterday the Houston-based dynamos announced a new album called Mordechai, due out in June. This will be their second release of 2020, following an EP collaboration with Leon Bridges that came out back in February. Despite the current condition of the world, it doesn’t sound like the trio has any intention of slowing down.

Along with the album announcement, the band debuted a new video for the lead single “Time (You and I).” It’s a familiar sound with a little more in the vocal area than you might be used to from them, but it fits very well with the rest of their material. It’s light and jazzy with a beat that keeps your feet moving, which is all I want from music right now.

I love the video, with its two protagonists traveling around building sandcastles in different locations in London. Sandcastles are a great representation of something you can work on and be proud of, knowing full well it will not last forever. It’s all about sharing in something and enjoying your time on Earth.

If you’re interested, you can pre-order the album here.

Also, if you buy any of their stuff through Bandcamp on May 1, they receive all the money as Bandcamp is generously waiving their percentage. Hit up their store here.